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Profile_PhotoAlexander Ngui R.TCMP, R.Ac, FIS, B.Comm

For over decade, Alex has been in and out of various styles of training the body to be at a physique, endurance, and power level where he would be comfortable telling people “I worked hard for this body”. In the beginning, Alex ventured into commercial gyms, then the workout programs you see on television, then, he trained with functional fitness. On the side, Alex trained and practiced Acupuncture in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Toronto, Ontario, where he gained knowledge and experience in the healing arts of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Alex has over 5 years of Acupuncture experience. He is also registered as an Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Practitioner through the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CTCMPAO). With Alex’s treatments, he treats in a holistic approach; treating the body as a whole not just symptomatically or isolated areas.

What do fitness and healing have in common? They both provide the body optimal health benefits. Not only do the two areas make one feel good, but they have a silver-lining to making you the best YOU. By gaining the insights of what worked and what didn’t work, Alex began piecing together a better way of life. Through this, Alex began to notice the changes in his life, internally and externally. By returning to his foundations and building himself up from the bottom, Alex loved the idea of building a good foundation, gaining knowledge and teaching. Through these building blocks Alex created Bamboo Health.

Bamboo Health was created to provide life changing results to improve the human body. We will bring you various fitness styles and programs, and natural healing modalities to give you a greater value of staying physically active and healing individuals to be a better balanced person. Bamboo Health is here to make you a better YOU.
We have a great system developed to give you the best possible experience. We value taking the human body to next level and going the distance. Weak or strong, injured or healthy, your body, that you take care of, can only gain and improve with Bamboo Health at your disposal.

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